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Holosun Paralow HS403GL instruction manual

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This text is a transcription of the file in PDF format.


Thank you for purchasing the PARALOW HS403G Red Dot
sight, which is a monocular inner red dot sight , please read
the User’s Manual carefully.

Holosun Paralow HS403GL

Holosun Paralow HS403GL



1. Covert aiming: aiming with red dot projected within sight,
no light can be detected by target, unlike laser sight.
2. Full field of view for target acquisition: Aiming with both eyes
open , rapid target acquisition and situational awareness.
3. Low power consumption : Only a few micro-amperes of
current are required for sight operation. Runs on one battery
for up to 50,000 hours, replace battery only rarely. Battery
compartment is concealed in base.
4. Motion power on : the sensor will turn on the power with
slight vibration.
5. Parallax free of optical system. Red to parallax 1MOA.
Minimum distance of 10m or 33 feet.
6. Auto power off : The device will automatically power off
after not being used for 8 hours.
7. Brightness adjustment: 12 settings for red dot intensity to
match ambient light conditions.
8. Waterproof: IP67
9. Two top mounted buttons: Easy operation, no obstruction
of vision.


Important notices

1. Ensure that the firearm is completely unloaded and safe
before device installation, sighting in, installing a new
battery, or any other adjustment.
2. Please keep the packaging should you need to make a
warranty claim.



1. The operating voltage for this device is DC3V there is one
CR2032 Lithium battery included.

2. The battery lifetime is up to 50,000 hours.
3. Please see the Fig 2 for battery installation and
1) Rotate battery cover counter-clockwise to open.
2)Insert the battery into the battery compartment with the
correct marked polarities “+” “-” , See Fig2.
3) Rotate cover clockwise to close.
The loss, damage or corrosion of the O-ring inside the
battery cap may cause water entry , which may damage
electronic circuits and the device.

Holosun Paralow HS403GL

Holosun Paralow HS403GL



1. The mounting bracket is adaptable to the firearms with
Picatinny Rail. If the firearm has no Picatinny rail , or
compatible rail, contact a qualified gunsmith to install one.
2. Insert the appropriate Torx wrench into the clamp screw hole,
then rotate to loosen the cross bolt then slide the sight into the
firearm rail to the right position, and finally tighten the clamp
screw . (Fig3)

Holosun Paralow HS403GL

Holosun Paralow HS403GL



Sight Operation

The operating panel is on the top of sight.
1. Turn on: Press brightness increase button”+”or brightness
decrease button “-” one time, (see Fig4), the power is
turned on.
Additionally, the device will turn on the power with only
slight vibration, instead of turning the switch on.
2. Brightness adjustment:
There are 12 brightness settings for red dot intensity . The
default brightness when power turned on is the seventh
setting. The brightness may be adjusted with the ambient
light conditions . Each press for “+” will increase one
brightness setting, and “-” will decrease one brightness
setting .
3. The default auto-power off duration is 8 hours. After 8 hours
the power automatically turns off. You can turn on the power
if needed by pressing a button or moving the sight.
4. Power turn-off: Pressing the “+” and “-” buttons
simultaneously will turn the power of

Holosun Paralow HS403GL

Holosun Paralow HS403GL



Zero Setting

1. On top of sight is the elevation adjusting knob , the windage
adjusting knob is on the right side (see Fig5). The sight has
been factory adjusted for approximate zero.
2. The built in screw driver tool on the protective cap can be
used for zeroing alignment (see Fig6).
3. First open the protective cap (see Fig1) , position slot type
screwdriver on the slotted screw , then rotate the screw to
right or left for adjustment. Each left or right click is for one
shift moving equivalent to 0.5 MOA value.
4. Rotating the elevation knob will move the red dot up,
rotating counter-clockwise will lower the red dot .
Similarly for the windage adjustment , rotating clockwise
will move the red dot to the right, rotating counter-clockwise
will move it to left.
5. Caution:
Don’t try to over rotate the knobs, if you feel the knobs can-
not be rotated, this indicates you have reached the adjustment
limit, otherwise the device may be damaged. If the adjusting range
is beyond the limits, consider adding an extra spacer between
the device and mounting rail to allow for additional adjustment.


Holosun Paralow HS403GL

Holosun Paralow HS403GL

1) Adjustment direction marks are inside the protective cap.
2)The adjusting screw under the protective cap is waterproof.


Maintenance and care

This device is a precision instrument that deserves
reasonably cautious care. The following tips are provided to
ensure long lasting use of the sight.
The optical system, including the objective window and
eyepiece lens, are multi-coated optical glass. When cleaning
the lenses, blow away the dust on surface , wet the lens with
lens cleaner or clean water, wiping the fingerprint or oil stain
with lens tissue, soft cotton or microfiber cloth. No special
maintenance is needed for housing surface. Avoid touching
the glass surface with dry cloth or tissue paper . No organic
solvents such as alcohol, acetone are allowed. Don’t try to
dismantle the device as the internal parts are specially cleaned
and sealed and with anti – fog treatment. Any such attempt will
void the warranty.
If repair is needed, you can call our customer service center,
login in to our website ,or send email to us.


Limited Warranty

We provide a limited lifetime warranty from the date of
purchase on parts and workmanship to the original purchaser.
At our sole discretion, we will repair or replace product found
to be defective under normal use and service without charge,
excluding any delivery costs, which will be born by purchaser.
We will not be liable for incidental, consequential, or
special damages arising out of or in any connection with the
use or performance of this product. This warranty is void if
the product has been misused, modified, neglected, or
disassembled prior to its return.
Please refer to for current and
complete warranty information and other conditions.



Red Dot sight

Customer Service

Pnone: 954-880-4823
10401 NW 53rd St.
Sunrise, FL 33351

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